Vision & Mission

Jordan Recycling aims to improve the use and recycling of waste through every process step in Jordan. The organisation commits itself to support initiatives, projects and innovations related to improving the environmental impacts of waste in broadest sense.


A thriving waste management economy and clean natural environment of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, having integrated upcycling & recycling practices, and managed unavoidable waste streams

JoReC’s founders


  • To integrally protect the environmental elements of water, soil, air and landscape from any kind of waste
  • To convert any current waste into new products or applications of residual waste streams which are economically viable and sustainable, thereby creating immediate and durable labor opportunities for the Jordanian national job market
  • To integrate waste stream management by offering economically manageable and practical solutions to recycle & upcycle waste
  • Whenever waste cannot be avoided – to collect, separate and recycle and integrate residual waste practices into the culture and moreover into municipalities, governmental procedures
  • To integrate knowledge and skills regarding the above into the culture, education and economy of Jordan